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Are Your Conversations Private?
Not Via Email, Unless You Use Encryption!

Stories of data breaches are making headlines every day. With estimates of over one billion email users worldwide, electronic messaging is everywhere, but it is far from being secure.

Protecting data in motion is no longer a “nice to have” solution, but a requirement. Whether because of regulatory compliance or for pure security reasons, your customers need to protect their electronic mail. Bank statements, medical records, lab test results, tax forms, settlement statements are just a few examples of information that is being sent via email that needs to be secure.

Encryption reduces the risk of data loss, helps companies comply and demonstrate compliance, and establishes trust and credibility for the MSP.



BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available as a Hosted Service

Exchange My Mail has been mentioned in a BlackBerry Press Release highlighting our experience and relationship with BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Customer and Partner Validation

“Exchange My Mail is Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certified and coupled with the availability of BES10 Hosted, the ultimate platform for secure end-to-end multiplatform mobility, we will now be able to offer our customers a robust solution for BlackBerry and third party devices,” said Steven Daneshgar, COO of Exchange My Mail. “From a security perspective, I’m pleased that our customers will have access to the only EMM solution that has achieved Full Operational Capability for Department of Defense Networks, by offering BES10 Hosted.”

Read the whole article here:


Exchange My Mail is officially announcing End Of Life (EOL) for our Hosted Exchange 2007 service.

Exchange My Mail values the loyalty of our customers, and we are committed to making sure you continue to have an excellent customer experience with us. This is why we are finalizing your transition to our latest environment by upgrading your Microsoft Exchange platform from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.

A key benefit of using Exchange My Mail’s 2010 hosted business solution is the assurance that you are on the latest proven technology. Microsoft has announced that, as part of its lifecycle policy, it will no longer be supporting the HMC (Hosted Messaging and Collaboration) provisioning platform where your account currently resides.  This change requires us to upgrade your account to Exchange 2010, and also gives us an opportunity to upgrade your services to receive the following premium benefits:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Features that simplify your administration, help protect your communications, and meet your demands for greater user productivity will allow you to achieve new levels of reliability and performance.
  • Larger Storage for mailboxes – Superior storage capacity provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your email messages and important files will be kept until you decide to delete them. Your plan will either retain the storage level you have today, or be increased to a higher level at no additional cost.
  • Premium Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Protection – Postini, our current spam & virus protection provider, is discontinuing their services in the near future. Our new spam & virus protection solution will continue to reduce the overall volume of spam that enters your organization.  The new and more advanced Content Control feature allows you to filter incoming and outgoing mail to help ensure confidential data does not leak from the organization.
  • Redundant Environment – The new 2010 system is designed with full redundancy within its primary data center, and with a separate data center holding a copy of all your information.
  • Data Recovery – Rest assured that your data is protected from damage or corruption due to our superior infrastructure and redundant backup systems.
  • 24 hour/7 days a week customer support – Our U.S.-based customer service team is here to resolve your problems around the clock, every day of the year.
  • 99.999% Service Level Agreement – EMM’s resilient infrastructure is designed for maximum uptime and guaranteed by an industry-leading 99.999% financially-backed Service Level Agreement.
  • SharePoint Foundation all multi user accounts will receive SharePoint Foundation included with their plan.

Exchange My Mail can now offer additional services that will be integrated into the Parallels control panel. Some of the new services that will be offered are:

  • Lync Secure IM and Web Conferencing
  • Email Encryption
  • Website Hosting
  • Hosted Fax
  • Email Archiving

As your business partner, it is our responsibility to make the transition as smooth as possible. Therefore, you will be receiving additional communications regarding the upgrade process over the next several weeks. This is just an initial contact to make you aware of the change, and we will continue to communicate with you during this process.

We are confident that you will be pleased with your new 2010 Exchange services.


The Exchange My Mail Team



Exchange My Mail is officially announcing End Of Life (EOL) for our Hosted Exchange 2003 service.

Exchange My Mail is officially announcing End Of Life (EOL) for our Hosted Exchange 2003 service.

We will be turning off our Exchange 2003 service as of December 2011. We apologize for this inconvenience however, Microsoft Mainstream support ended in April 2009. We have a far superior system which is fully supported; Microsoft Exchange 2010 along with other wireless sync advantages …see below

Our brand new infrastructure consisting of Dell Servers, Cisco switches and routers and new Dell/Compellent SAN are built to perform. With our 99.999% uptime guarantee, and a free upgrade to Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2011 for Mac users, this is surely the best time to upgrade.

We have been serving thousands of satisfied customers on our Exchange 2010 platform since November 2010, and have now added our New BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0 as well.

Our new BESX service is only available on our Exchange 2010 system!


BES Express allows users to downgrade their expensive wireless enterprise data plans required for regular BES, without sacrificing features, service or security. Please read more about it here:


Switching to BESX can save you up to $15 per month per blackberry user on your wireless data plan!.

Our New Exchange 2010 Plans will save you money, and give you added storage space. Plus the service has proven to be reliable and fast for thousands of users over the past 8 months.

Please take this opportunity to make the switch now, and contact our support team to get started.

The first step is to upgrade to Outlook 2010. … Outlook 2007 is compatible as well however; Outlook 2003 will not work on Exchange 2010.

You can download Outlook 2010, or Outlook for Mac 2011 right from our Web Based Admin control panel.

Once all your users have installed Outlook 2010, contact us by sending an email to migrations@exchangemymail.com to begin the process.

Below is a list of steps that will need to be performed to complete the migration.

Exchange My Mail staff will perform most of these changes for you:

1. Install Outlook 2010 – (Customer to perform)

2. Create new Exchange 2010 Subscription – (EMM will perform)

3. Create split domain for Exchange 2003 subscription – (EMM will perform)

4. Remove 2003 users from Postini – (EMM will perform)

5. Create new Mailboxes on Exchange 2010 Subscription – (EMM will perform)

6. Use Automated Postini tool to add users to Postini – (EMM will perform)

7. Export Exchange 2003 Data – (EMM will perform)

8. Import Exchange 2003 Data to Exchange 2010 Mailboxes – (EMM will perform)

9. Create new Outlook Profiles – (Customer to perform)

10. Wipe and reactivate BlackBerry’s – (Customer to perform)

We respectfully advise our customers to upgrade to our Exchange 2010 service well before our deadline to avoid any issues

Thank you in advance for your attention and support.

If you have any questions regarding this notification, please email us at support@exchangemymail.com



Exchange My Mail Now Offering Online Backup Service

mozy_125x125.jpg EXCHANGE MY MAIL is happy to announce we now offer professional-grade online backup for all the desktop computers and servers in your business.  Now you never have to worry about losing an important file again.

We work in an environment where data loss occurs all too frequently.  Computers crash, hard drives fail, and notebooks are lost or stolen.  While these items are all easily replaceable, the data they hold are gone forever, and are much more valuable to your business.

EXCHANGE MY MAIL’s backup service powered by MozyPro , enables you to automatically backup all of your important data on all of your computers to our secure online repository.  Manage multi-user environments, schedule automatic backups, and monitor the health of your backups.

As an Exchange My Mail service, you can manage your Online Backup from the convenience of a single web-based admin console. Our service is incredibly easy to use, providing you the control to choose which files to back up and when.

You can count on Mozy’s strict security policies, military-grade encryption, and world-class data centers for optimal data protection of your business’ computers and servers.

EXCHANGE MY MAIL’s backup service starts at just $6.75/mo for one desktop license with 5GB of storage. For less than$10.00/per month can you really afford not to protect your data?

Learn more about our backup service and sign up today at:




Exchange My Mail – Now Offering Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Exchange My Mail – Now Offering Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

First Market-Available Offering Provides Email and Calendar Synching to Small and Medium Business without Expensive Data Plans

Jericho, NY – March 31st, 2011 – Exchange My Mail, a leading provider of Microsoft Exchange Email hosting to small and medium businesses, today announced the availability of its hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express solution for small and medium-sized businesses.  The new solution enables Exchange My Mail customers to wirelessly sync their email, calendar and contacts between their BlackBerry smartphones and their desktops, without having to pay for expensive enterprise data plans with their wireless carrier.

“We saved about $15 per month per BlackBerry switching to this new solution, and it works great. We get the same functionality as we did before, and now save about $300 a month on our wireless plan. Manny Castineiras, Limtiless Communications.”

Most wireless carriers charge a large premium for data plans that let customers connect their BlackBerry smartphones to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  This additional monthly fee increases the cost of using BlackBerry smartphones to small and medium businesses.  Exchange My Mail’s industry-first solution offers these small and medium businesses the same connectivity and productivity benefits, while still utilizing the more cost effective basic data plan from their wireless carriers..

“We launched Exchange My Mail with the goal of providing small and medium business cost-effective technologies that allow them to compete with larger businesses,” said Sal DiPiazza, Exchange My Mail’s CEO. “Our new hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Express Server offering continues to raise the bar in providing powerful productivity solutions to SMBs.  Combined with our hosted Exchange 2010 email offering and our industry-leading service and support that larger providers cannot provide, Exchange My Mail’s new hosted BlackBerry Express service is a no brainer for small and medium-sized businesses.”

Exchange My Mail is a BlackBerry Alliance Member and is a leading provider of hosted BlackBerry business solutions to SMBs.  The company continues to offer BlackBerry Enterprise Server hosting for businesses with advanced mobility and security needs, and also offers hosted BlackBerry services for Google Apps email customers.

Exchange My Mail’s new service is now available with all hosted Exchange plans starting at just $9.99 per BlackBerry, per month.

To learn more about Exchange My Mail’s new hosted BlackBerry service, please email support@exchangemymail.com
or visit our website www.exchangemymail.com


Exchange My Mail Offers Full Hosted Exchange Support for New Verizon iPhone


Exchange My Mail, Inc, a leader in Hosted Microsoft Exchange, today announced that its hosted Exchange service will be available on the new Verizon iPhone the same day it is made available to customers. Exchange My Mail will use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, to configure the new Verizon iPhone to wirelessly send and receive Exchange email, calendar, contacts and more.

Exchange My Mail supports business class email and collaboration on a wide range of smartphones, including BlackBerry,  iPhone, Motorola Droid, Palm Treo, Google’s Nexus One, Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q, and the T-Mobile Dash .

Interest in Apple devices has had tremendous growth in the industry as a whole. We see a tremendous increase in mobile devices that use ActiveSync to wirelessly sync data like the iPhone & iPad.

As more business people come to rely on smartphones, including the iPhone, to access Microsoft Exchange, demand for our mobility services has increased. Companies no longer have to standardize on a single smartphone to minimize operational expenses and complexity. Each user can select the smartphone that works best for them.

“The most popular question we get from existing and potential customers is whether or not their current phone, or the new phone that is about to be launched will be supported by our business-class hosted email,” says Steven Daneshgar, Exchange My Mail. “We want it to be known that the Verizon’s iPhone is fully supported.”

To read more about Exchange My Mail, or sign-up for a new account, visit http://www.exchangemymail.com


Exchange My Mail Now Offering Exchange 2010 Email Hosting!

Extensive Pre-Launch Testing and Optimization Ensures Service Speed and Reliability

NEW YORK, NY: November 4, 2010 – Exchange My Mail, a provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange and other business email services specializing in small and medium businesses, today announced the general availability of its new hosted Exchange 2010 service.  The new service provides small and medium business customers with the most advanced business email and calendaring system in an environment that provides the greatest possible uptime and performance.

While not the first provider to offer Exchange 2010, Exchange My Mail created the first hosted Exchange 2010 service deemed “ready for business.”  The company invested significant additional months beyond other providers to test and optimize its Exchange 2010 service to ensure the best possible experience for customers.  As part of the company’s commitment to its customers, it always trades time for performance to ensure the best and most reliable service for customers.

“As a Global consulting firm with consultants traveling around the globe and across different time zones, Exchange My Mail is the perfect solution to host our mail services,” said Ravid M. Climor, CEO of Clicom. “The service is much better than in-house solutions, less expensive and available 365 days a year. Exchange 2010 opened new doors for us to manage time and exchange information internally and among our clients.”

To host the new Exchange 2010 service, Exchange My Mail built an entirely new premium infrastructure based on Dell servers, Cisco switches, and Compellent SAN.  This infrastructure, the performance enhancements of the new Exchange 2010 software and Exchange My Mail’s proprietary optimization methodology combine to create an environment for customers that are fast, secure, reliable and redundant.

“For our small and medium business customers, email is the lifeblood of their businesses,” said Sal DiPiazza, Exchange My Mail’s CEO. “To meet their needs, we are not often the first to market, but we always provide the fastest and most reliable email services, and that’s what matters most to them.”

The biggest benefits to Exchange My Mail’s 2010 service apply to business Mac users.  The new service includes free downloads of the new Outlook 2011 for Mac with every mailbox, and also supports the feature-rich Outlook Web Access client on all operating systems and browsers, providing Mac users with the same client and web experiences and their Windows-user colleagues.  Windows users can also download MS Outlook 2010 for free.

Exchange My Mail’s new hosted Exchange 2010 service is now available for purchase.  Plans with 5GB and 25GB mailboxes are available for single users or hundreds of users starting at $8.95 per mailbox per month.  To learn more visit www.exchangemymail.com



Exchange My Mail Makes Outlook 2010 Available Today!

Exchange My Mail, a leading provider of Microsoft Exchange hosting has today made Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2011 for Mac available to all Exchange My Mail customers & partners.

Outlook 2010 is Microsoft’s latest version of the worlds most popular business email client.


In order to use Outlook to it’s full potential such as contact & calendar sharing and full wireless sync with mobile devices, you need Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

New and exciting features have been developed for Outlook 2010. Here are some of the cool client features now available!

MailTips: MailTips gives a non-intrusive warning when you’re about to send a message that doesn’t look quite right – such as when you’re going to send a message to a distribution list or to all users in your contacts – it gently asks you if this is in fact your intention. It also lets you know if you aren’t responding to a most recent version of an email chain. MailTips is a friendly tap on the shoulder when you’re about to send a message.

Conversation View: Email can be inundating…Conversation View consolidates messages by conversation. For example, say Bill, Frank and Allison are emailing back and forth about a presentation and you are CCd on the messages. You will see the conversation by subject and when you click on a drop down arrow all the messages are there – newest on top. You can even mange the conversation by right clicking and confirming to delete yourself from the conversation or remove unnecessary portions of that particular conversation.
Microsoft’s website has some great info on all of the new features and benefits.

Read What’s new in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and then check out this video from Microsoft on some of the newest features and benefits of Outlook 2010.

Read about Outlook 2011 for Mac here: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2010/feb10/02-11msmacworld2010pr.mspx

Exchange My Mail customers can download Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2011 for Mac from the web based administrative control panel.
Just login with your user-name and password, and click on “Help and Support”  then “Documentation Downloads”




Apple iOS4 & ActiveSync Problems

iOS4 & ActiveSync Problems:

Exchange Mail, Contacts, or Calendars may not sync after update.

We have been reading many articles all over the web about users who have recently upgraded to the latest iOS4 for their iPhone. This new OS is also standard on the iPhone4. Although Exchange My Mail has not suffered from this issue yet, we want to be proactive about it. We are closely monitoring our ActiveSync infrastructure.

It has been reported by Apple, that “immediately after updating to iOS 4, some users may notice that Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts, or Calendars do not sync, or sync very slowly. In addition, some Exchange Server administrators may notice their servers running slowly”.

Microsoft has classified this as a client side issue related to the Apple iOS4 update and is not planning to release a patch or update.

Apple has released a knowledge base article and a configuration patch for impacted phones which can be found at the following URL: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3398

If you are upgrading your iPhone or have purchased a new iPhone4 device you MUST install the configuration update above. Failure to do so will result in incomplete sync of your items and may cause performance issues. If you run an iOS4 device without the configuration patch above your device may be disabled for policy violation to prevent performance issues.